Thursday, May 20, 2010

My 5th Grade eyes but not MY eyes and a 12th grade issue

Yesterday I came down with a cold and I've been feeling quite yucky today.  I really wanted to just stay home but, as it turned out, I couldn't.  You see my father-in-law is very close to passing over to the other side.  My husband and his siblings decided to give him a priesthood blessing.  So, Charlie and I drove over to the care center to be a part of it.  It was amazing but so so sad.  We lost my mother-in-law in the space of about 10 minutes last year and Tom has hung on all this time.  He is such a wonderful man and we all love him.  So, you must know that that added to my cold made me feel not quite my chipper self.  I just couldn't think of a thing to talk about.

Luckily I took at look at Cro Magnon's blog a little while ago and saw a wonderful early drawing he did of 2 people dancing.  It got me thinking about something that I felt magical about just like he did with his.  My drawing, actually, a water color painting, was one that I did when I was in 5th grade.  As you can see through my 5th grade eyes I was able to see how to paint these Asian ones.  On the bridge of the nose you will notice that I made a mistake and had to glue some paper to it and repaint that part.  But the teachers were amazed by it and I remember feeling like I didn't know how I could paint like that.  I guess that was my first "muse" experience.  Something/someone other worldly helped me with that painting.  I've kept it ever since in an old dilapidated portfolio.  It's a treasure to me.

I have also included one of my failures but, I have to say, that it wasn't my fault.  Actually it was a triumph soured by my 12th grade art teacher.  I won't name names but he has passed away.  It was for a competition for the Utah State Fair.  I remember so well getting out an encyclopedia to see what a real ram looked like.  Then, from that photograph, I distorted the whole image in a completely new way.  It doesn't look like a photo, does it?  When I turned it into my art teacher-as he was supposed to enter them for us-he told me that I had cheated and copied the drawing.  I insisted that it was completely my original idea.   Being a jerk-he did not enter it and I, of course, didn't win.  I also had a very fun painting that I did in his class and it was missing. He said he didn't know what had become of it.  Some students and I searched his room when he wasn't there and guess where we found it?  In his personal portfolio in a closet.  He done me wrong.   Oh well.  It all came out okay.  His unkind behavior did not hold me back from going on to love and live my art.  So, take that Mr. _________!


  1. The eyes also have a Joan Crawford look about them; very intense.

    This buisness of stealing work is very annoying. In schools and colleges, it goes on all the time.

    Thanks for your comment. Bisou, Cro.

  2. Oh, I can tell you about Joan Crawford. My dad was an insurance man and he insured Pepsi Cola. I guess he and my stepmother would go to dinners that she was at. He also knew Imelda Marcos. He never told me what he thought about them.

    Yes, that is a problem about the stealing, I think. This teacher was an upstanding man in the community, also. I like to think that it wasn't on purpose but it was kind of strange. Really maddening that he refused to enter my art into the Fair contest.

    I appreciate your comments also!

  3. Did you see my post entitled 'Mesmerising'? What a coincidence..... Cro,

  4. Can't remember. Was it recent? What did the picture look like in that post? Now I really want to know what you're talking about.

  5. I am sorry to hear about the losses your family is dealing with. It's sad to lose loved ones, but they are not gone forever..although it can be hard to keep that persective at times.

    I love the ram picture. I think that is awesoem..and teh story around your teacher keeping it and you stealing it back makes it even better.

  6. It was a picture of cat's eyes. But when you see the two together....

  7. You are right! Those eyes stare at you in the same way as the ones on my blog! What a coincidence!

  8. Thanks so much, Linda. I am overwhelmed right now. You know how that goes. Too much on the china plate.