Saturday, October 23, 2010

drawings that flow and move

Just another drawing from my sketch book that I thought you'd like to see.  I never know where I'm going with these things, my doodles, until I see something begin to develop.  I've always liked the way this one turned out.  I think it's because of the movement in it and the "anyone" quality.  We don't see their faces and it could be anyone that you would like to imagine.  It has an old fashioned feel to it-like the old melodramas in the 1800's.  That's why I entitled it "Old Fashioned Actresses".


  1. It is a nice sketch. You really can just look at it, then finish the story with what you want. You can decided what the play is, what emotions there are...very cool.

  2. Thanks! It was a fun one to do.