Sunday, October 3, 2010

Grace and Dave are here! Skyping with Kip and Brandon

Just a quick posting of us all at Bucca di Beppo, an Italian restaurant near here.  We had a great time and ate way too much rich food.  Dave got an AP for his IPhone that's a calorie counter.  I don't think anyone will finish the leftovers now that we know what we ate last night.  I ate one ravioli and thought the whole time-yikes. 

Saturday night while the guys were in a church meeting Gracie and I went through her room to try to get rid of stuff.  It was ridiculous how much junk was in there.  But will be great for someone else.  We also Skyped with Kip and Brandon.  It was great.  Gracie hadn't seen them, except in pics, since her wedding last November.  It's hard to watch Brandon because he's like a twirling top.  A cute twirling top.  I'm so glad for the technology now to keep in touch but it doesn't make up for actually being together.


  1. Doesn't that just take the fun away? Those darn calore counters! I have to pay attention to those as well! Fortunately they are coming up with some calorie friendly food. Although I don't think it is a Bucca di Beppo! Ha! Fun to see your family having fun! Thanks for sharing, Julie!

  2. Yes, I know about the calorie counter being a dud. Tonight I had a luscious piece of marzipan cake and thoroughly enjoyed every calorie laden bite!