Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cross/basket hatching-a new texture!

Just a little ditty today.  When I was in my most productive position in church today-sitting on the bench with sketch book in hand so I won't go to sleep)-started doodling on top of a doodle.  Because of that "artist's mode" that I sink into sometimes I just started a new texture for me.  Hey!  I liked it!  I know it's a cliche flower but the hatching is what I really like about this sketch.  I also threw in a few little dots and then church ended.  Unfortunately my faithful pen kept blobbing but that's okay.  I consider this a knew fun technique for me.  So I hope you will see this for what it is and not focus on the cliche.

No Art History Moment today - I have to get myself into the other room and whip out those books.  Remember?  It's my 2nd midterm tomorrow. 

Just an aside from everything else-I have to tell you that I'm a grateful lady to be born in a land where women are free.  Right now we are studying about the injustices that happen to women in the world.  I CANNOT believe it!  This has definitely been a slamming open eye experience-my class on human heritage.  Wow.  We've got a long road to travel before we can help all these women out.  How do you change cultures?  You can't.   What did I say earlier?  I'm a grateful lady.....


  1. Love this basket hatching Julie, I've never tried this technique - looks like fun! I would've never guessed there was a doodle underneath, it so naturally blended with the second one, cool! Good luck with your mid-term. Yes, it is unthinable the injustices that happen in this world in this day and age. I get in modes when I start thinking about the horrors in this world and get so down - I have to try to remember I'm doing what I can to help and like you said, be grateful for what we have.

    Have a great week and good luck with your photoshop! Susan

    ps - I forgot to tell you how much I love your laughing horse, and you'll be happy to know I noticed you used complimentary colors for your header!

  2. Susan, I laughed so hard about using the complimentary colors! You've got me down. That was my intention. I'm glad you like laughing horse. She actually started out on a painting of mine as part of my signature quite a few years ago. But she wasn't laughing. I liked the idea and made her happy. Fun.

    I'm having a heart attack over here just learning about these poor women. My husband is sick of listening, I'm sure, to passages from these articles. He can't believe it either. Wow.

    Have a great week yourself! I'm glad you like the basket hatching. It's always fun to find something different-although I've seen it done by others many a time. Julie