Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fav equipment

I thought I'd just continue a little from yesterday as I got myself to go downstairs and take a picture of the Silicoil brush cleaning jar.  I mentioned it in yesterday's blog.

Okay, this is an artist's lament and I KNOW almost every artist can agree that we never never never have enough or the right light unless we make an extra effort to set it up.  Well, I'm showing you what my husband, the scrounger brought home to me.  Sometimes I just hate his junk but this is a real jewel.  He's an electrician and works almost exclusively at hospitals.  The stuff he gets is top notch.  So, therefore, let me introduce you to MY operating light.  Ta da!  It's soooo great for painting on something dark.  You know as we get older it gets harder and harder to see to paint detail in dark areas.  Well, this light is THE best.  I'm not kidding.  Try to find one if you can.  But I don't use it all the time.  Just when I need it.

Then I thought you'd enjoy seeing a funky setup that he put together when I complained about my lighting years ago.  Don't you just love the light on my easel?  I don't use that one now but it really worked great when I needed it.

Art History Moment:  We're still talking about Maxfield Parrish.  His very large painting called "Daybreak" is considered the all time top selling poster (as of the writing of the book I read).  Maybe Farrah surpassed him but, I guess, comparatively to nowadays population levels and the levels during the earlier 1900's the percentage was way up there.  "Daybreak" is considered to be a composition masterpiece and do you know that people can sense when something is going quite right as they put this on their walls all over the U. S. A. during the 1920's.  More about it tomorrow and what makes it so successful.

I think I'm going to just ask you to Google questionable copyrighted images.  I looked it up and couldn't get a clear answer.  This is an educational use but I'm just not sure about it.  Does anyone know?

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