Sunday, April 25, 2010

911 drawing revisited

 Drawing by me done a few days before 911
Tomorrow is my big final in my class and it's going to be a killer!  I just can't wait to get it over with but I sure know a lot about human nature that I never knew before.  I worry about losing my testimony of God in all of this because there's a lot of philosophy getting thrown around.  Actually I've had some "aha" moments about how wise our Heavenly Father is.  I reposted my drawing I did a few days before 911.  You've seen my work.   You know this is not my style but this strange imagery came out as I was feeling so sorry for the children in Ireland being threatened on their way to school.  Funny how that subject dropped when 911 happened within a few days after.  Not a word was reported about it.

That was a horrible historical moment for our country but through my faith and insights I have every once in a while-you could call it personal revelation-reflected on the fact that I know that Heavenly Father knows each one of us.  I've felt his love so many times.  I have been struck by his wisdom as part of the "ahas".  It's hard to explain but just, in short, I feel his presence in my life.  That's what is important.

For more about the strange story about this drawing if you look back under the category of artist's life-you'll find it.  It actually starts with the eerie photo of Charlie, Grace and I in the building that's connected to the beginning to the entrance to the World Trade Center Mall (3 weeks before 911)-that's under personal thoughts.  Then there is an entry about the above drawing.  It's one of those artistic experiences that you find hard to believe and know that there is definitely something/someone out there.

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