Friday, April 30, 2010

Yet some more progress on the horses and cats

This view is a tad askew-tilted a little-sorry. 
Just a quick post today.  I worked on the horses and wanted you to see what happened.  The horse on the left needed some pizazz.  So, I lightened some areas and put a burnt sienna glaze on it.  Then darkened some of the shadowed areas.  Then it seemed harsh.  So, I put a beige-mostly white-veil over it and toned down the boldness of it.  Mostly the veil went on the lighter areas.  A veil is some medium-remember I use Liquin by Winsor Newton- with some color.  A glaze uses more of the medium and is more transparent.  Veils are so great for pushing your background back and other things that need to recede.  I'll tell about that more later.

Then I worked on the little kitty-lovingly as I miss my kitty that looked just like this one.  It's a matter of lighten and darken, over and over.  The horse on the right was sort of a short forward paint job.  I still have more work to go on all of these but thought you'd enjoy seeing it.  The veil on the horse on the left gives it more of a dreamy quality and I like that idea because I've already named this painting as my paradise.

Oh, and I decided to show you the progress of my hollyhocks.  It's getting there.  I will show you the older version as soon as I get a chance.  My broccoli cheese pie is done, it's 9:00, and I'm starved.


  1. Oh wow, these pieces are gorgeous. I love horse art and yours is probably the best I've ever seen. I haven't been getting around much visiting so glad I stopped by tonight.

  2. Sandy, thanks so much! It's so nice to hear some feedback. I really need it because I never know if what I'm doing is working out well or not.

  3. I'm impressed Julie! Isn't the weather weird right now, at least we haven't had snow.Now , not to much drawing in church tomarrow!

  4. Ha ha, Linda! Well I do pay attention most of the time and I'm even polite and stop to listen to the musical numbers. I try to be good. Yes the weather is weirdo but good to get the moisture. I planted strawberries and hope that we'll get a good crop this year. We usually don't have much luck. Our peas and beans are coming up. Oh, I can see canning in my future (the beans). Just got a job after 3 months of trying with Jet Blue. I'm so excited! Reservations and I can work in my home.