Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Liking/loving what is best in yourself = confidence!

 Julie Jacobsen - My work - too lazy and busy to sign it tonight.  I'll fix it later.  I need to study!

First I want to start with some dandy advice from a great actress, Rita Moreno.  Now, for all of you young kids-Rita was in "West Side Story".  She was not the female star-that role went to Natalie Wood.  But she is a huge star to me.  I'm going to lay it on you right now.  This is her advice for aspiring starts:  Quite your whining, "don't complain.  Get so good at what you do in life that they'll beg you for your services."  She said that on a Thursday as she received a Walk of Fame Star on Hollywood Boulevard.  Wow.  Just soak that in everyone.  These are pearls of wisdom and I need to heed it time and time again.  In other words-don't let the trials in life keep YOU from achieving what is meaningful to you.  Got it?  I hope so.  Will you remind me of it someday if I get whiny?  Thanks.  Now that's a good friend.

That's why I like my drawing above.  Yes, it's another drawing I did in church when I was supposed to be listening and I was.  But I hope you can sense that at the time I drew that I was quite satisfied and happy in life.  I still am.  Remember what I said in a post a long ways back that our sketches really tell how we are feeling about the world?  This one reflects how much I love being a mom.  But I'm not just any mom and I think you can see that also.

 "Country Road Cottage" - LeConte Stewart
Art History Moment:  I want to talk to you about a very famous Utah artist (speaking of keeping it fresh!), LaConte Stewart.  I went to an exhibit of his-he's long since passed away-where they had searched to find as much of his work as they could.  It was held at the Church of  Jesus Christ , Latter Day Saints (us Mormons) Museum in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.  Talk about inspirational.  I wanted to go home and whip out any old cardboard box and get to work wherever I was (really...don't do that.  Remember our little talk about using the best art supplies that you can afford....think lasting quality...got it?).  Some of the paintings in the exhibit were just that-painted on pieces of cardboard.  They are all about freshness and just going for it.  I hope you can feel that from the sample I have displayed here.  I wish you could have seen these paintings in person.  In the painting, like the example above, you could just feel the heat rising from the road.  Truly wonderful!


  1. Very cool drawing and words of inspiration.
    I am intrigued by people with optimistic outlooks. I am a fan of Rita Moreno, but I must point out that getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is no big deal. (Ryan Seacrest has one, for goodness sake!)

    Your work is very cool.

  2. Yes, I know that the H. W. of Fame is not as prestigious as it once was but the point is what she said. At that time someone that is Puerto Rican dissent would most likely have not been recognized. I'm sure she had to scratch and claw to get to where she was. But what it's saying is 3 short words: never give up. Pearls of wisdom, my friend. As to Ryan Seacrest-he is a star. Maybe he's not your favorite but don't you think he's the new Dick Clark in many ways? Or how about a better looking Ed Sullivan? He's not the talent that D. Clark was in the music world but he knows how to put on a good show and take some risks. You probably will quit being my friend when I tell you that it's my guilty pleasure. I love it! Worthless, I know, but it beats watching all the bad news, cop shows and all the ones that we've seen the plots done 100's of times over-throughout the years. Now, just so you don't think I'm a complete idiot-I have to add that my favorite shows besides that (and The Office) are PBS shows like Nova and American Experience.

  3. Hey Julie (and Josh)! Love your sketch and the painting too. I too am a huge Rita Moreno fan - she is a true star. I loved her in her early works, and "The four seasons" and more recently in "Law and Order - Criminal Intent". Not sure if you're a L&O fan, but I've been watching it for the more than 20 years it's been on and love the spinoffs too. You're right there is so much crap on tv. I must agree with most of what you said about Ryan, you can't deny he's got personality! The man is nuts, I saw him on Larry King once, he's got all these shows, plus ones he produces (doesn't star in), restaurants, etc. we go on and off with idol. We've watched it more this year 'cause Katie Stevens goes to my older son's high school, very exciting for our little towns. I guess she'll be coming home next week after doing the talk show circuit. Sorry, don't mean to spam up your blog! Anyway, great art, great quotes, and great wisdom - cheers! Susan

  4. What do you mean-spam up my blog?!? Love the comments. Oh, I forgot that Rita Moreno was in "The 4 Seasons". Was she the one that kept making excuses for her bad temper by saying, "Hey, I'm Italian!" Finally her husband opened the window and yelled out, "Hey, everybody! She's Italian!" Loved that line. No, I haven't been watching L&O. Kind of got burned out on the cop shows. I'm glad you're enjoying it. That's fun about Katie Stevens. David Archuleta went to the high school that my kids went to (see you later, Josh...I know we just lost you if you dropped in....don't gag, please). Anyway, his vocal coach grew up by my husband and he is terrific. I've heard that what you see with him you get-truly a humble guy. Matt Giraud, last year, is a twin to my 2nd son. I'm not kidding-looks and expressions but my son isn't musical. I had to root for him because it was like watching my son. I'm glad you liked my post. I just couldn't get it going today. It's been busy but I'll most likely get one up tomorrow.