Saturday, April 3, 2010

Don't we all need a laugh today?

Okay. So, I do.  I was just thinking it has been such a quiet day-not too filled with excitement at all.  I was trying to think of what would be good to post and remembered a favorite comic about art.  I have an envelope with all sorts of funny clippings that is just stuffed full of goodies.  When I looked for that particular comic I found I had more.  Most of them are "Non Sequitur" (love that strip!) but one is done by someone by the name of Cheney-that's the one I was looking for at first.

I mean-can't we all relate to these?  Especially the "Art Agent's Pay Day"?  You know our art will be so much more valuable some day and you know that someday is going to be when we....well, you know.


  1. actually the one that struck home for me the most was the 1st one. i watercolor a lot and i don't know how many times i have grabbed my watercolor water and taken a swig before i realize i have the wrong cup! i have started using margerine containers instead of cups specifically so i don't do it! :) thanks for the laugh!

  2. I know what you mean. I'm so glad you got a laugh. Those are so old but they bring a laugh every time. It's too bad, as artists, that we all can relate to the artist that hung himself but that's just the way it is. I hope everyone could read these. I noticed that the words weren't too clear. Drat.