Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Friends and horses-alright! Progress on the painting.

 The other Julie.  Julie T and Julie E. (maiden names).  You know we never have a dull time together and always laugh!  That's one of my favorite sports.

Well, I deserved a little break, still.  Would you believe that I was all set with my popcorn last night after my final to watch the Masterpiece Classic.  Just really enjoying my comfy chair.  Started the show and realized that this was part 2.  Grrrrr.  Oh well.  They had a recap of the week before.  I'm thinking I will see if I like it.  I like it and after about 1/2 hour the screen goes blue and I couldn't even blame anybody except myself!  That's always a drag when you want to say, "You guys!  Who turned off the recorder in the middle of my recording?  You knew I had that going, didn't you.  Men!"  But you can't because it was dummy you.  So, I got my exercise ball and bounced in front of the computer to get rid of my tension while cheering up with an episode of "The Office".

Today I had lunch with one of my childhood friends, Julie.  We have known each other ever since before kindergarten.  We can't even remember when we met.  We went to a good Chinese restaurant-good and cheap-and reminisced about when we had substitute teachers and how we would hoot at each other like owls.  Okay.  Well, that was so long ago that I can barely see it through the mists of time.  I did love junior high.  Lots of fun with friends.

On the way home I drove by some horses and because I had my camera with me I took some pics of one of my favorite animals.  This bunch were a little feisty and 2 of them were trying to kiss each other  It was so fun.  I'm always looking for good reference photos and I need one of horses to get the feel for how to paint their hair.  That's coming up on my painting.  As you can see, I worked on the bushes and the trees in the background.

  Just wanted you to show the latest progress.  If you want to view how it looked, before, just scroll back a few days and you can compare these pics with the other one.

  Notice how I keep it vibrant because of the brilliant under painting that I still allow to show through?


  1. I have a dvr and just love when it loses the last minute of my programs. I totally understand the "Grrrr". Your artwork is fantastic. You would definitely love the King William area of San Antonio. Come visit next spring and you can see the bluebonnets and wildflowers then too.

  2. Ooooh, that does sound fun! I will have to make it there someday. I just am in love with old mansions (see my "Hot Date in New Orleans" painting to see one in particular). Well, I'm taping a show tonight so I can paint and then enjoy for a commercial free show. It better go better than the other taping or you will hear a grrrrrrrr.

  3. I love watching the progress of this painting. Perhaps one day, I can beg you to paint a portrait of my Pete.

  4. Well, that would be so great! We should keep in contact! Just keep watching. I just did some more on the painting last night and will post it again.......