Friday, April 2, 2010

The pie crust recipe to go with the pie mixture

Well, I pulled a sneaky one yesterday. I got my blog all written except for the recipes and then couldn't get the 2nd one to copy paste. As I said yesterday I had so much homework to do and I just couldn't type it out. Well, anyway, here is the PIE CRUST recipe that I love. Sorry for being such a flake. I even deleted the "s" off of recipes in my entry so those of you that weren't paying attention wouldn't think there were more than one.

Pie Crust
Judy Winslow (got this from her in 1974 and I haven’t seen or heard anything of her since but I sure do think this is the best and I’ve thanked her absent personage 100’s of times!)
Makes 4 single or 2 double pie shells
4 cups flour
1 ¾ cup Crisco
1 tablespoon sugar
2 teaspoons salt
1 tablespoon vinegar
1 egg
½ cup water

Take flour, sugar, salt and mix. Cut in with Crisco until mixture is pea size. In 1 cup of water add vinegar and egg –whisk. Pour over flour mixture. Blend thoroughly. Form into a ball. She said to refrigerate but I beg to differ. It rolls out much better at room temperature. ROLL IN BETWEEN 2 PIECES OF WAX PAPER.
After you roll it pull off the top piece of wax paper, turn it over and place back on rolled out dough. Then turn it all over and remove the other piece of wax paper. Throw that away. Then place on top of pie mixture in pie plate with exposed dough facing down. Then pull off last piece of wax paper (that you so conveniently loosened) and throw away.

I freeze this in little baggies all the time. Just take out of freezer about an hour or so before you need it. It’s perfect every time and great for all kinds of pies.

I don’t know at what temp you would bake it without a filling or how long just in case you are getting ready to ask me.


  1. I did I did! Now I'm sewing a baby quilt for my new grandbaby that will be born in May. It's so cute. I only let myself do it when I caught up on my reading. I try to be good.

  2. Wow Julie you are one busy lady - what great projects, you are some renaissance woman! This looks so yummy, but I gotta wait to try it until I have the patience to make it properly! I love to cook, but lately I can't take the time to do much from scratch. Thanks for sharing such neat stuff and congrats on a new grandbaby, that's wonderful!

  3. Thanks, Susan! Yes, I am one busy lady but life is never boring-yea. Well, that pie really wasn't hard to make at all. It's just messes up the kitchen. It was definitely worth the work. To save time you can freeze several batches of the crust. I use it all the time for all sorts of pies. And I AM so very excited for this little baby girl that's coming soon. She will be our oldest son's first child. He and his wife are in their early 30's. You can well imagine how they are. It's "eat, drink and live" baby around there. So fun.